Bookshop Insurance

Insurance for Bookshops, Libraries and More

Even in our digital age, there is nothing quite like reading a book and visiting a bookstore. If you are a bookshop-owner, you play a huge part in keeping traditional reading alive. For this reason, it is even more important than ever that your bookshop is safeguarded with the right insurance policies. Getting bookshop insurance is quick and easy with Proper Finance!


  • Accidents to employees
  • Accidents to members of the public
  • Accidents to your building and premises
  • Theft and Loss of Income
  • Contents
  • Goods in transit


Buildings insurance is useful for any business owner, especially if your business operates within a commercial property, such as a storefront on a high street. Buildings insurance will cover you if any damages occur to your storefront as a result of intentional damage by a person or persons, or accidental damage by natural disaster or human error.

In the event of a fire, flood or vandalism, your property may need repairing and at this time you may not be able to keep your business running as usual, especially if your store is now unsecured and dangerous for customers to enter. You will need some financial insurance to keep you afloat and to pay for any repairs that may need doing during this time. Be the damage as minor as a cracked window, or as serious as an instore-fire, Proper Finance has you and your beloved bookstore covered.


Whilst most books are relatively affordable, specialist or collectable books may be attractive items for thieves and burglars. It is important that all valuable business items are covered in case of the event of burglary or theft.

One of the risks of having a storefront is that the property could be burglarized. Even if you have the best CCTV and alarm systems, you cannot always protect your store from being broken into. If anything valuable is stolen from your bookshop, be it expensive or collectable books or store equipment, your business should not have to suffer the consequences of being out of action. The best way to stay protected against these scenarios is to get a comprehensive insurance policy which is able to cover any financial losses as a result of theft or burglary.


If your bookstore contains business equipment that could be expensive to replace, such as tills and cashier hardware, you may wish to get these items insured.  You can get this type of specialist insurance either separate to your general business insurance, or as part of your entire policy. The terms and conditions will depend on what your chosen policy provider can offer you.

It is important that you take the time to accurately calculate the value of your business equipment when searching for business equipment insurance. This is to avoid the risk of under-valuing your items and not being recompensed appropriately to replace them, or over-valuing them and ending up paying higher premiums for your bookstore business insurance.

If your bookstore contains valuable collectable books, you should consider getting a comprehensive contents insurance policy. Collectables are not just good for business – they are historical artefacts that need to be preserved. Proper Finance’s insurance policies are here to safeguard these pieces of history.


It is a legal obligation for your company to have employers’ liability insurance if you have staff working for you, even if they do not work for you in-store. You can be charged a fine of up to £2,500 for every day that you do not have this kind of insurance.

Employers’ liability insurance will cover either all or some of the costs of any legal action an employee may take against you as a result of injury or illness caused by work. The amount of cover you will receive will depend on the type of insurance policy you choose. It is important to remember that even former employees can still make a claim against you or your business.


Getting easy and affordable bookstore insurance is easy with Proper Finance. Simply fill in a few of your details using our online form and you will be contacted by one of our specialist insurance partners. They will assist you every step of the way, helping you to get insured as effectively and quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can call a specialist directly and request a quote today.