Do I Need Customer Services For My Company? What Are The Options?

Apr 19, 2021

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Customer services is key to any business, especially financial services, whether it is giving people updates on their applications, answering any queries or questions, dealing with any complaints or addressing any issues with the process or website.

A good customer service proposition will be vital for a company to thrive and there are many different options and ways of doing this effectively, depending on the size of your business and type of company that you run.

Customer service personnel include:

  • Customer service advisors
  • Customer service agents
  • Complaints handlers
  • Underwriters
  • Collections teams


Running Your Customer Services In-House

If you are a small operation and your business consists of just a handful of people, you can certainly run your customer services in-house. It is common for a lot of businesses and certainly start-ups, to take turns with operating customer services. A person could be working in marketing or business development but jump in and assist with queries – and if you only get a handful of enquiries a day, you can manage this effectively without needing to hire someone full-time.


Live Chat

Using live chat functionalities are a very popular customer service tool. You sign up with a provide like Zoho or and this is quickly and easily integrated into your current website.

The live chat buttons appear on the button right or left of the website and they only function if you or a team member is logged in – otherwise, it can just send a message or email to you that you can pick up at your convenience.

But it is very flexible and means that you can use live chat as and when you want to, with no obligation if you are on annual leave or it is a bank holiday.

But live chats have shown to increase engagement and conversion, simply because people can ask basic queries or questions, even though this information might be somewhere on the website.

You can also use the likes of Hubspot to provide live chat style forms, which simply ask a few questions and these are turned into an email enquiry, which you can pick up at your leisure.



Outsourcing Customer Services

If you do not have in-house capabilities, have minimal staff members or do not have premises, you can look to outsource your customer services. There are certainly savings to be made by outsourcing to countries such as South Africa, Philippines or most popular, India – since they all speak English proficiently. You need large volumes of customer service calls and actions to make this investment worthwhile, other staff costs in these areas are very low.

You can also use a local company such as Tieta Customer Services, who offer a fully outsourced customer service team in Oxfordshire – perfect for lots of calls, complaints or even debt collection. You can integrate your technology with theirs and get access to highly skilled and trained staff in financial services. With affordable prices, this is a very strong proposition.




Using Both In-House and Outsourced

In many cases, there is an opportunity to use both in-house and outsourced customer service teams, leveraging your own local capabilities in the UK, whilst also using excess staff in locations such as India to help you through business times. Or certainly if you are an international company or have multiple offices, there is a good business case for having customer service teams both local and abroad.


Who Could Do My Customer Services For Me?

There is a skill to customer services and good training is always required, backed up with the right scripts and the best answers to keep your customers happy and to protect your business.

Young people can be great at customer services, since they are hard-working, good at using technology and likely to fly through tasks quickly. Students that are part-time can also be excellent, since they are eager to work and can be very educated and bright, beyond the skills required.

Depending on the complexity of products, school and college leavers can be effective customer service agents, with some specialist industries like mortgages and insurance likely to be benefit from giving additional training and courses to their staff.

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