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Insurance for Your Bicycle

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Your two-wheeler is your pride and joy and whether you use it for commuting, competing or for leisure purposes, having the right cover in place is essential. Compare the different deals available, get an instant quote and get covered on the same day you apply.

Why Should I Get Bicycle Insurance?

If your bike ends up being damaged or stolen, it could end up costing you thousands of pounds to repair or replace. This is why having bicycle insurance is vitally important, as it can provide you with significant financial protection against the following:

Third party liability

Personal accidents

Accidental damage

Malicious damage


Depending on the bicycle insurance policy, it can also be possible for you to get cover for things such as:

Time trials


Bike hire



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How to Find the Right Bicycle Insurance Policy For You?

When you compare bicycle insurance, it is worth taking into consideration the following things:

Personal accident cover: this will be the amount you can claim if you have an accident or end up being seriously injured

Maximum cover: this will vary from insurer to insurer. Maximum cover refers to the maximum amount an insurer will pay for repairing or replacing your bike. Make sure you go for a policy that can cover for the full value of your bicycle, in case you need to get a new one.

Excess: this refers to the amount you will be required to pay towards a claim. The higher the excess you pay, the cheaper your insurance will be, since it implies that you are willing to fit more of the bill if you have to make a claim.

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We aim to be as approachable as possible for our customers, and will always do our very best to assist you with any and all queries you may have concerning any part of our application process and more.

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Proper Finance have more than 100 top-quality partners in insurance and loans.

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Each and every one of the providers we work with are fully checked to ensure their reputability, their trustworthiness, and furthermore their competency in helping to provide you with the financial services you require.

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How long is the average bicycle insurance policy?

Most insurance policies for bikes last 12 months. However, it is possible to get a shorter term policy if you so wish with a number of insurers.

Does home contents insurance always cover bikes?

Not necessarily. For example, you will find the majority of contents insurance policies will not cover bikes worth over £2,000 that are used regularly or for biking competitions, or if you take them away from your home.

Can I get cover if I crash my bike?

Yes, you will be covered under a bicycle insurance policy for any damage to your bike or if you become seriously injured.

Does bicycle insurance cover me if I damage someone else’s property?

Yes, this type of insurance includes third party liability cover.

I want to take my bicycle abroad, will my insurance cover me?

It depends. Some insurers may require you to pay extra, whilst others provide foreign travel cover as standard. Therefore, always check the policy first if this is something you require from your cover.

What is the time limit on foreign travel cover for bicycle insurance?

With most insurance companies, you will be typically covered for travel abroad for a maximum of 60 days a year.

Does bicycle insurance cover punctures?

No, most policies will not cover the cost of punctures or other kinds of damage to your tyres. The only exception is if the bicycle is also damaged at the same time.

Will my biking clothing and accessories be covered by a bicycle insurance policy?

Yes, the majority of insurers will enable you to claim for bicycle accessories, such as GPS, protecting clothing and lights. This is usually standard with most bike insurance policies.

Will I be required to use a specific lock for my bicycle?

Yes, you will find that your insurer will likely only accept a claim for a stolen bike if it has been secured with an approved lock.

Are You Already Covered for Bicycle Insurance?

Before you compare bike insurance policies, it is worth double checking if you are already covered. For example, if you have a home contents insurance policy, you could be already covered for things such as malicious damage or theft.

How Does Our Site Work?

Getting cover for your bike is easy with Proper Finance. Simply fill in a few of your details using our online form and you will be contacted by one of our specialist insurance partners. They will assist you every step of the way, helping you to get insured as effectively and quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can call a specialist directly and request a quote today.

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