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Looking For Refused Credit Loans?

If you have been refused credit or loans from mainstream banks and lenders, Proper Finance is here to offer an alternative way to get the finance you need.

Proper Finance is a price comparison website and we help you to compare rates across the UK market for a range of financial products. For refused credit loan, we are partnered with Lending Expert who work with a number of FCA regulated lenders.

We help customers borrow £10,000 upwards, with rates from 6.5% APR depending on their income, credit score and security value. Simply click on the ‘apply now’ button below to enter your details in 5 minutes. Our partners will be in touch and help you through the loan process as quickly as possible.


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Why Have I Been Refused Credit?

You may have been refused for a loan due to a variety of factors. The most commonly cited by lenders tend to be the following listed:

  • You have a poor credit history
  • You have a number of missed loan repayments on file
  • You have CCJs on file
  • No employment
  • Recent bankruptcy

However, here at Proper Finance, we do not believe people should be simply refused credit because they have a few missed payments on file – since it could happen to any one of us.

That is why we work with specialist lenders who will carefully review each individual application before deciding to accept or refuse the loan.



What Types of Refused Credit Loans Are Available?

There are various products you could choose from when it comes to refused credit loans. At Proper Finance we offer secured loans and homeowner loans, which allow you to borrow money against some security you own such as your home, flat or other residential property.

Using your home as security, you could borrow £10,000 to £500,000 upfront with rates from 6.5% APR (depending on your credit status, income and security) However, it is important to understand that your home may be repossessed if you fail to repay the loan.



Key Features of Refused Credit Loans

Loan Amount £10,000 upwards
Loan Duration 3 years upwards
Rates From 6.5% APR
Online Application Yes
Direct Lenders Yes
Monthly Repayments
Free to Apply Yes
Bad Credit Accepted
Security Required Yes


What is The Criteria For a Refused Credit Loan?

Depending on one of the lenders that Proper Finance is partnered with, you may find that eligibility criteria varies among them.


However, you will typically need to meet the following eligibility criteria to be able to apply for a refused credit loan:
  • Employed on a full or part-time basis
  • Be a UK based resident
  • Be over the age of 18 years old
  • Be able to keep up with monthly loan repayments
  • Security – a lender will require you to be a homeowner and use your home or flat for your loan



How To Apply For a Refused Credit Loan With Proper Finance

To apply on our site is easy to do. All that you will need to do, is just click apply now, which will take you to our online application form. A few basic questions will be first asked in order to determine your eligibility, and completing this form will only take you a few minutes at most.

Our partners will assist you every step of the process and you will also have access to the app so that you can see the process of your loan. Once approved, you should be able to receive the funds into your bank account as quickly as possible.












What Happens if I Cannot Pay Back My Loan?

If you miss a number of repayments, you will find this can leave an impact on your credit score, affecting your ability to apply for further finance in the future. Consequently it is important that you carefully consider whether you are able to afford taking out a loan before applying.

Nevertheless, we also do understand that unforeseen circumstances occur, meaning that you could end up making a late payment occasionally. If this happens you should always inform the lender directly beforehand so they are aware of any potential difficulties.

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