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If you need finance, you've found a friend

Proper Finance is dedicated to providing affordable loans to UK householders and consumers. We appreciate how hard it can be to find the right loan or financial product for you. Whether it is for an emergency purpose, a special purchase or simply to keep up with your everyday life. We make life easier because we have partnered with some of the leading lenders in the country who will be able to process your application and find the right type of finance for you. Whether you have a good credit history or less than perfect credit score, we offer so many different products that there is something for everyone, from personal loans and credit cards to payday loans and car insurance.

Our Philosophy

Our belief system is based on the concept of doing things proper. What does this mean? This means not looking around at hundreds of websites or being dazzled by bright lights and fuzzy toys – but getting exactly what you need for you, your family and your business. If you are going to get a loan for your next home, finance to start a business or insure your company, let’s do it properly.

We have spent years accumulating the right partners and the best offers so that you can get exactly what you need for your business. That is Proper Finance.

Proudly Partnered With


  • 100+ Partners

    We have over 100 partners in loans and insurance connected to our site. Each have been fully vetted and approved to ensure that they are compliant and can assist you with your financial requirements.

  • Do it Properly

    When applying for finance, you can do it properly - get the loans or insurance you need to make a difference to your life or your business.

  • Best Rates

    As a fully fledged comparison site, you have the power to compare different products and rates and find the best provider and service for you.

  • About The Team

    Our team has spent years working in consumer finance, insurance and price comparison websites. We had a light bulb moment to come together and combine our expertise, so we could give customers the best choice and options possible.

    Finding the right insurance and finance can be a bit of a minefield, but knowing that you are applying safely and securely online can give you peace of mind and ultimately give you the best products possible.

  • Approachable

    We pride ourselves on being approachable whether you have any questions about specific financial products, existing products or about partnering with Proper Finance.

    We are always just one email or phone call away and will always be on hand to speak to you and assist you every step of the way.


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