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A CCJ loan allows you to borrow money even if you have had a CCJ in the last 6 years and may have been turned down by other sources of finance. There are a number of lenders who will not offer CCJ loans or people with poor credit histories.

At Proper Finance, we are price comparison website and we help you to compare rates across the UK market for a range of financial products. For CCJ loans, we are partnered with Lending Expert who work with a number of FCA regulated lenders.

Using a valuable asset such as a home or flat as security, this gives the lender a way to recover their loan if you are unable to repay. So whilst you may have been turned down before, you could be successful if you own a home or flat.

We have access to FCA regulated lenders who can offer £10,000 upwards whether it is for personal purchases, emergencies, debt consolidation or more. Simply click on the ‘apply now’ button to check your eligibility today.

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What Is a CCJ?

CCJ is an abbreviation of County Court Judgement, and it refers to the process whereby a person has taken court action against you, on the basis that you have not paid back money owed to a person or company.

CCJs remain on your credit file when they have been successfully issued, and they are often considered by lenders when making the decision of whether to provide you with a loan or not.



Can I Get a Loan If I Have a CCJ?

Yes, you may be eligible for certain types of loans with a CCJ. Whilst some lenders may not accept applicants with a CCJ, Proper Finance works with a range of different lenders who do.

Loans that are available to those with CCJs will often rely on other factors to provide security to the lender that the loan with be paid back. For example, those with CCJs may be eligible for secured loans, where you use a valuable asset you own (such as a property) as security to access the money you need. Just note that your asset is at risk of repossession if your overall debt is not repaid.


What Type of Loans Can I Get with a CCJ?

Proper Finance works with a number of lenders who provide CCJ loans to borrowers. Secured loans may be available to those with CCJs which require your home to be used as security.

When you are using valuable security, the eligibility criteria is a lot less strict because the lender always has a home or flat that they can retrieve in the event that the customer cannot repay their loan. However, repossessing property is a last resort for lenders and they will always go through a series of ways to help you repay your debt before looking to take away your home.

You can receive money upfront and rates start from just 6.5% APR (this may vary depending on your credit status, income and value of your asset).



What If I Have a CCJ and No Guarantor?

There are a number of different products available to people who have a CCJ recorded on file, and they do not require a guarantor.

Whilst using a guarantor or person to co-sign your loan is a popular way to borrow money today if you have a CCJ, bad credit or no credit, Proper Finance is delighted to offer you a secured loan or homeowner to help you get the money you need.

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What is the Criteria for a CCJ loan With Proper Finance? 

In terms of the exact criteria required by our lenders that work with Proper Finance, it can vary from lender-to-lender, as well as the type of financial product that you have decided to choose.


However, as a general rule of thumb, you will need to meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • You will need to be in employment, on either full or part-time basis
  • Evidence that you will be able to keep up with monthly loan repayments
  • You are a UK based resident
  • You are over the age of 18
  • You have a valid debit card
  • Must be able to use their property, home or flat as security



Key Features Of CCJ Loans

Loan Amount £10,000 upwards
Loan Duration 3 to 30 years
Rates From 6.5% APR
Bad Credit Accepted Yes
Same Day Decision Yes
Requires Security Yes
Direct Lenders Yes


Why Use Proper Finance for CCJ Loans?

Proper Finance works with FCA regulated lenders across the UK – giving you access to the whole of market. It is our mission to find you the best lender to suit your personal circumstances and who can offer you the most suitable loan at the most affordable rates.

There are no fees for applying and it will not impact your credit score. We can match you with a lender who works with applicants with a CCJ and can save you the time and effort of sifting through lots of lenders.

You may find that because you have had a CCJ or bad credit, that the loan amount, duration and rates charged are adjusted slightly to make it more affordable and to limit the risk for the lender.


How to Apply For a CCJ Loan With Proper Finance 

To begin, simply click on the “apply now” button below which will take you to our online form. We ask some basic questions first to determine your eligibility and completing this form will take approximately 5 minutes.

After these have been completed, our partner will contact you as quickly as possible to process your loan application. Plus, you will get access to an app which shows the status of your loan every step of the way. Submit to further checks, your loan can be completed and transferred to your bank account as quickly as possible.


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