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Business Insurance With Proper Finance

If you are considering starting your own business, or already have a company, it is vital that you have business insurance in place, in order to protect you when it comes to compensation and to ensure your firm is compliant with UK regulations. However, with so many business loan providers providing finance across the country, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Luckily, Proper Finance can help you make the search that little bit less difficult.

Why is Business Insurance Important?

Making sure that you find the appropriate business insurance for your company is extremely important for a number of reasons. For example, it helps to protect you and your firm against potentially unforeseen costs, such as legal fees or compensation costs. The exact type of business insurance that you will need will also be dependent on the sector you are in. For example, you might need things such as property insurance, or public liability insurance, amongst others that are available.

How Can Proper Finance Help With Business Insurance?

We work with a large number of reputable insurers in the UK, and as a comparison site, we can help to whittle down the right company for you, on your behalf, helping you to get on with more important company matters, to help your business grow.

Furthermore, all the lenders that we work with are FCA authorised and regulated, ensuring that they keep to high insurance standards. In case you didn’t know already, we are also FCA compliant, and we take customer care when it comes to our business loans very seriously.

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What Is Employers’ Liability Insurance?

As previously mentioned, this is a type of business insurance that you must have if you have any employees, whether or not it is simply on a part-time basis or just on a temporary basis. If you do not do this, you will find you are breaking the law, and you could face a heavy fine.

When you take out employers liability insurance, the policy will then protect you if an employee of yours becomes ill as a result of the work they have carried out, or if they have become injured. In the event that this occurs, then they may then look to seek compensation from you, and depending on the individual situation, a successful compensation payout could end up being costly for your firm, potentially leaving you out of pocket. Therefore, to help protect you and your company, employer’s liability cover will cover the costs involved with compensation as well as the potentially high cost that may be incurred with defending the claim itself.

It is important to always remember that if you are a business owner who has employees, you should always stay within the law or face heavy financial consequences for not doing so, and therefore buy employers’ liability cover. Proper Finance works with a number of leading lenders who provider employers’ liability cover, and can help you find the appropriate insurer if you sign up with us today.

Why Apply for Business Insurance With Proper Finance?


We aim to be as approachable as possible for our customers, and will always do our very best to assist you with any and all queries you may have concerning any part of our application process and more.

Fast decisions

Our online application only takes minutes to complete, with decisions being made very quickly after this. A member of staff will contact you to help you proceed with the final steps.

High quality

Proper Finance have more than 100 top-quality partners in insurance and loans.

Reputable and trustworthy

Each and every one of the providers we work with are fully checked to ensure their reputability, their trustworthiness, and furthermore their competency in helping to provide you with the financial services you require.

Free online application

The Proper Finance comparison site is free to use and there are no upfront fees for filling in our online application.

Is Business Insurance Compulsory in the UK

With other types of insurance available that we provide, insurance is not always compulsory. However, when it comes to businesses, UK regulations state that the company owners have put in place an insurance policy. Whilst this not necessarily the case for all types of business insurance, (such as specialist kinds) you will find that employer’s liability is usually required, in order to protect any employees that you have from getting injured whilst in the workplace.

What Information Do I Need to Provide for Business Insurance?

When you decide to apply for insurance with Proper Finance, the information you need to provide us will be the following:

After these details have been provided to us, you will find that a member of the team from one of our associated insurance partners will then call you as soon as possible in order to get further information from you and understand your individual requirements, in order to provide you with the most suitable business insurance.

We prefer having our insurance partners calling you to acquire further information, and we are sure you feel the same too. This helps to make our service far more efficient, and it allows you as a customer to get to the information you need at a far quicker rate. There is no need for you to fill out an endless amount of questions online, as Proper Finance avoids this in the first place.

Looking to apply for business insurance today after reading our guide? Excellent! Applying with Proper Finance is easy to do and can all be completed within a matter of 10 minutes. Simply fill out an application form today by clicking apply now on our site and one of our people will get back to you.

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