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What Is Critical Illness Cover?

A critical illness policy means that in the event that you become seriously ill, contract a disease or a disability, your policy will pay out a lump sum to you.

This kind of insurance can provide significant financial support if your illness or condition makes a notable change to your everyday life and ability to work – and it can cover the costs of things such as your outgoings (for example: your rent, bills or mortgage payments).

This type of cover can be an effective way to safeguard your family’s financial position and not lose out if something happens to you. Costing just a few pounds per month, you can purchase a critical illness policy separately or add it onto your existing life insurance policy.

Proper Finance is a whole of market broker – so you can compare critical illness cover from a number of competitive health insurance providers in the UK and find the best quote and level of cover for you.

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How Does Critical Illness Cover Work?

If you decide to apply for a critical illness policy, you will need to choose the following:

The amount of critical illness cover you want.

The duration of the critical illness cover (for example, up to 30 years).

Every insurer will provide a limit on the amount you can claim with some providing a limit of up to £25,000, whilst others could offer millions in total.

It is also worth remembering that the amount of cover you choose will also impact on your monthly premiums, which are paid throughout the duration of the policy.

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Who can get critical illness cover?

With the majority of critical illness policies in the UK, you will need to be:

Over the age of 18.

Not diagnosed with an illness you would like cover for.

Under the policy’s upper age limit when making an application (for example, under 60).

Can I get a joint or family critical illness policy?

Yes, it is possible to get joint or family policies, but you will find that the majority of critical illness policies cover one person.

Can I get critical illness cover if I smoke?

Yes, but you should remember that if you smoke, or you have smoked in the past, your critical illness policy could be more expensive as it increases your chance of developing a serious medical condition in the future.

Are payments for critical illness cover fixed each month?

The majority of insurers provide you the option of fixed monthly payments throughout the policy. However, there are exceptions in the form of these two types of cover:

Increasing cover: the premiums and the amount you claim rise in line with inflation. This is measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Decreasing cover: premiums are fixed, but the amount it is possible for you to claim for reduces. Typically, these are used in line with a repayment loan, like a mortgage.

Does my age affect the cost of critical illness cover?

Yes, your age can also affect your monthly payments. The older you are, the more expensive the monthly payments will be because you could be at a greater risk of making a claim.

Is there an age limit for critical illness cover?

Yes, there are certain insurers who will not provide critical illness cover if you have reached a certain age. Typically, this is if you are over 60 years old.

Is it possible to get a critical illness policy if I have a medical condition?

It will likely depend on the type of medical condition that you have. Make sure that you make any medical conditions known to the insurer when applying.

I have a hereditary condition, can I get critical illness cover?

It is not always possible to get cover if you have a hereditary condition. Some insurers will be able to provide you cover, subject to a higher premium.

Does critical illness cover the exact same thing as life insurance?

No, the two are different types of cover. Critical illness cover will only pay out if you are diagnosed with a condition stated in your policy. Life insurance will pay out to your family members or next of kin when you die.

What Does Critical Illness Provide Cover For?

The exact cover you will get will depend on the policy you opt for. However, the most commonly included conditions in a critical illness policy are as follows:

Heart attacks



Nevertheless, the majority of insurers will also include the severity of the conditions that they will cover the costs for. For example, some insurance companies will only cover a stroke if it ended up resulting in symptoms that lasted at least 24 hours in total.

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