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Getting Fleet Insurance With Proper Finance

Proper Finance offers you the ability to cover numerous cars, bikes and vans all under the same policy, helping you to save a considerable amount of time in administrative duties and money as a result, as purchasing insurance in bulk leads generally leads to huge savings. We work with reputable fleet insurance providers, helping to make the process of purchasing fleet insurance easier on your behalf, helping you to find the best policy to suit your individual needs.

Why Get Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance is an excellent option if you have multiple vehicles. It is available for all types of business and vehicles, including not only cars but vans, minibuses, trucks and taxis. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that regardless as to the type of vehicle that you have, Proper Finance can help you get them covered under one policy. To summarise the benefits of getting fleet insurance cover, and why you should purchase this kind of policy, here are our main advantages:

If you are a business owner or collector, you have complete flexibility regarding adding or removing vehicles from your policy at any time you choose.

Companies have the option of adding new drivers, subject to the insurer’s age and experience restrictions to drive the firm’s vehicles. Therefore, it is a great option for almost any kind of business such as couriers, taxi firms and those in the construction sector.

Administration becomes a far simpler process. All you need to do is monitor one single flexible policy, giving you one less thing to worry about, as opposed to having to think about all the different insurance policies you have, and their respective renewal dates and terms and conditions. No need to worry about that with a fleet insurance policy!

You can also potentially benefit from more competitive monthly payment terms than you would if you insured your vehicles on an individual basis. If you run a firm, this could very well help you with cash flow, and for those with multiple cars, bikes, taxis or HGV’s you could end up saving thousands of pounds!

You have the ability to be able to get an instant cover with fleet insurance

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Can I Get Fleet Insurance for Any Driver?

The insurance that Proper Finance works with have a number of different fleet insurance products that they provide, and with different eligibility criteria in terms of which drivers can be covered by fleet insurance.

For example, some lenders will only provide fleet cover for those who are over the age of 25. However, this is not the case with all fleet insurers we work with. Certain policies will enable you to cover drivers over the age of 21 instead, allowing you greater flexibility.

What Types of Fleet Cover Are Available?

Third party only

This provides you with cover for compensation to members of the general public, third-party vehicles or property as a consequence of your driving.

Fire and theft

If your vehicle is damaged in the event of a fire it can be covered for the costs of repairs and replacing it, or if it is lost or stolen.

Public Liability

Not a legal requirement but very much recommended for all businesses to have it, as it can help with legal costs if an allegation is brought against your firm, and it can help cover compensation costs.


Means that your vehicles would be covered by third-party insurance,  fire and theft as well as any damage that ends up being caused to you and the vehicle.

Breakdown assistance

Cover in the event that one of your vehicles will require breakdown assistance.

Apply for Fleet Insurance With Proper Finance

Realised that fleet insurance could well be a savvy insurance policy option for you? Fantastic, Proper Finance looks forward to hearing from you. You can trust us to help you to find the right deal. We are FCA authorised and compliant, as are the fleet insurance providers that we work closely with. We have a variety of deals discounts and offers available exclusively with our insurers which can then be used for your fleet policy.

Wondering how you can apply for fleet insurance today with Proper Finance? It is simple to do and will take you less than 10 minutes. All you need to do is click apply now on our site, fill an application online, which will require some basic information from you. After we have received this, we will promptly contact you in order to retrieve further details from you, so that we can tailor the application so that we can help you to find the very best deal for your fleet of vehicles. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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