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We work with trusted brokers to give you access to a panel of leading lenders well placed to meet your needs.

If you are looking to gain access to cash quickly and securely, then opting to go with Proper Finance could be worth considering. We work with over 100 money lenders through our comparison website, all of which are FCA regulated and authorised, giving you peace of mind. Want to find out more about us and the money lenders we work with? No problem, take a look below.

Reputable lenders

Here at Proper Finance, we care about finding the right product for everyone. Whether it be personal loans, payday loans or credit cards, we truly offer something for everyone. In order to provide the best possible customer service we can, and therefore provide customer satisfaction, we make sure that we work with the right partners, so we can provide you with the best offers out there.

Reputable lenders
Even if you have a bad credit score, you can still apply.

We understand that there is a lot of negative press out there regarding lenders being irresponsible and not lending in a fair manner, and our team is dedicated to trying to change that. Whether you are looking for a loan to insure a company, to help you renovate your new home, or are trying to get your new business up and running, we’ve got you covered.

Is Proper Finance a money lender?

Proper Finance is a comparison site that is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, aimed at helping you to compare different financial products amongst the many lenders we work with. Using our website is easy: simply compare products by clicking search and then choose the lender, where you can apply on their website directly.

You can also fill out an application on our website via applying now, and then this will be sent to one of our reputable lenders, with your consent, who best fits your requirements and financial circumstances. This includes information such as your current credit status, the amount you want to borrow and how long you want the duration of the loan to last.

Do I need to pay to apply with a money lender?

With Proper Finance, you will not have to pay any upfront fees to use our comparison website. You will also not be required to pay any fees for making an application with us. It may be the case that we receive a commission from a money lender if the application you have made ends up being approved and successfully funded, but you will not have to pay a charge for this.

However, it is important to keep in mind that you will have to pay fees to the money lender if you are accepted for a loan. This is in the form of having to pay interest for your payday, personal loan or credit card. This will always be directly with the money lender and the rate you will pay through your loan repayments will be agreed upon beforehand.

How do you choose your money lenders?

Of course, there are many different money lenders across the country who provide financial products, but we understand just how much is at stake, so we vet who we pick very carefully. Prior to putting a lender on our comparison website, we make sure we run a number of thorough checks in order to ensure that they have a history of treating their customers fairly, and are FCA compliant. It is also essential for each and every lender we feature to be authorised and responsible to the Financial Conduct Authority.

Will I be accepted by a money lender if I have bad credit?

It is still possible for you to apply with one of the money lenders we work with even if you have a history of bad credit. A number of our loan providers provide affordable and suitable loan products for those with a bad credit score, such as secured loans or guarantor loans. The latter refers to granting you a loan but for this to happen, it requires a nominated guarantor (such as a friend or family member) with a good credit score to back it, in the event that you are unable to keep up with loan repayments in the future.

What are the applying criteria?

If you are interested in applying with one of the moneylenders associated with Proper Finance, then there are certain eligibility criteria that you will need to meet. Whilst this exact criterion can differ between companies, they will usually include the following:

  • You will need to be a UK based resident to apply
  • You must not have a history of bankruptcy, IVAs or CCJs on your credit file
  • You will need to be over 18 years old
  • You should have a working phone number, email and debit account
  • You need to be able to afford monthly loan repayments and provide proof that you can keep up with them
  • Being in employment is also a factor, earning at least £500 a month


Want to apply? It is easy and quick to apply for a loan via one of our money lenders. Simply click on the apply now button to get started today and you will receive a decision instantaneously.