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Insurance for Your Sports Team

Whether a professional, semi-professional, social or recreational player, insurance liabilities should always be considered when running a sporting organisation properly. There are numerous different policies that can be taken out in order to protect both those in the team and those running the game.

For professionals, sports team insurance is vital in order to help support a player when something goes wrong. A broken leg or dislocated shoulder could do some serious damage to an athletes career, therefore taking out the right cover is vital to ensure they get all the support they need when something goes wrong.

For both amateur and professional sporting clubs alike, insurance should always be considered in order to protect their assets in both the club as a business and the players within it.


What Is Football Team Insurance?

Football team insurance is a type of sports team insurance that helps to cover a football team against any accident or injury that might incur as a result of being involved in the sport. The cover included will depend entirely on the type of policy taken out, however, all football team insurance covers will be tailored to help support the team through any damages specific to the sport.


What Is Rugby Team Insurance?

Similar to football team insurance, rugby team insurance is cover that is specifically designed to help protect those from damages when involved in playing the sport. It can be applied to both non-professionals and professionals alike, and can also include cover when teams go abroad for rugby tours. As will any type of insurance, what this insurance will cover depends on the provider, and thereby the policy, you go for.

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What Type of Sports Team Insurance Policies Are There?

Sports team insurance can cover a range of different things related to both the players and all aspects involved in their game. Some of the main things that sports team insurance policies can provide cover for include the following:


Health conditions


Sports venues

Sports equipment

The type of cover you go for will depend entirely on the nature of the game, and what elements you are either required to cover, or would like to for extra protection. As each sports and their teams come with a range of unique risks, the type of cover you will have to get will be greatly dependent upon the sport and the level of team (e.g. professional, semi-professional).

Sports accident insurance is a type of policy that can be taken out by amateur sporting teams. Those who earn over £10,000 per annum from sporting events cannot take this type of cover out. One of the main covers of sports accident insurance is paying out for injuries directly caused by their participation in the sport. What these injuries include will be entirely dependent upon the insurance policy.

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