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Insurance for Your Startup

Startups are widely defined as newly established businesses and are usually associated with companies that work to fill a gap in the market or deliver an innovative service or product. That being said, a company does not have to be brand new to be a startup. A company that has been around for five years may still be considered a startup if it is still in the initial stages of development and hasn’t seen significant growth. Startups also tend to connote a level of risk; a company in its ‘startup’ phase is still subject to the possibility of failure. As such, it is smart to get the right insurances that suit the needs of your startup business, helping to bring it from strength to strength.

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Personal Accident Insurance

It is likely that, as a key player in a small business, the success of the startup will very much depend on you being able to work. The initial stages of running a startup are vital, so it is important that all partners or members are able to work. If for any reason you have an accident or fall sick, you may need financial support to cover the business whilst you are unable to work. Personal accident insurance can help protect your startup from suffering financial losses whilst a key player is recovering.

Startup Business Equipment Insurance

If you have specialist equipment that is fundamental to the running of your business, it is important that you consider getting it covered by a comprehensive business equipment insurance policy. You can get this type of specialist insurance either separate to your general business insurance, or as part of your entire policy. The terms and conditions will depend on what your chosen policy provider can offer you.

It is important that you take the time to accurately calculate the value of your business equipment when searching for business equipment insurance. This is to avoid the risk of under-valuing your items and not being recompensed appropriately to replace them, or over-valuing them and ending up paying higher premiums.

Startup Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance is useful for any business owner, whether the business is run from a commercial property or from a residential property. Buildings insurance will cover you if any damages occur to your building.

In the event of a fire, flood or vandalism, your property may need repairing and in this time, you may not be able to use the building you work from. Buildings insurance will help you cover the cost of repairing your office or storefront and can contribute to or cover getting a temporary base for your business during this time.

Startup Employers' Liability Insurance

It is a legal obligation for your company to have employers’ liability insurance if you have staff working for you, even if you do not yet have a collective office in which you all work.

Employers’ liability insurance will cover either all or some of the costs of any legal action an employee may take against you as a result of injury or illness caused by working for you. The amount of cover you will receive will depend on the policy you choose. If you do not have any employees as of yet, you do not need to get this type of insurance. When you do come to hiring, however, you will be required to get employers’ liability insurance.

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