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Insurance for Trucks and Lorries

As large and heavy vehicles, trucks and lorries are generally considered to be more of a risk on the road than smaller and more compact vehicles. Large and heavy vehicles such as trucks and lorries are also notably harder to drive than normal cars, so the risk of an incident is higher. Some insurers will charge high premiums on trucks and lorries to compensate for that risk, but with Proper Finance, you can find the best rate for you.

What Is Included in Truck Insurance?

Due to the increased risk of harm to pedestrians, other vehicles or property that comes with lorry driving, it is important to have the best insurance policy possible on your truck or lorry. You may opt for a fully comprehensive policy, a third party only policy, or a policy that covers accidental damage such as fire and flooding. Other types of truck and lorry insurance include:

  • Breakdown cover (included)
  • Legal expenses
  • Goods in transit cover
  • Europe and overseas cover
  • Contents cover 

If you opt for a more comprehensive policy, you may be able to get the contents of your lorry covered alongside the van itself. This is important if your lorry or truck contains valuable items, such as equipment that is essential for work.

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How Much Does Lorry Insurance Cost?

The premium that you are offered on your vehicle will vary between lenders but as a general rule, the bigger and heavier your lorry, the more expensive your insurance will be. This is because larger and heavier vehicles are harder to drive, and are capable of causing the most damage to persons or property.

Trucks can be categorized into three sizes:

Light –weighing up to 6,350 kg e.g pick up trucks and minivans

Medium – weighing between 6,351kg to 11,793kg e.g platform trucks, box trucks

Heavy – weighing between 11,794kg to 14,969kg e.g mobile crane, tractor, garbage truck

‘Heavy’ trucks will always cost you the most when it comes to insurance, but with Proper Finance, you can get a great deal on your truck insurance.

What Is the Criteria for Applying?


Be the legal age for driving a HGV.


Hold a valid EU driving licence.


Be a permanent resident of the UK.

Ownership and registration

Have a vehicle that is owned and registered by you, your spouse, partner or civil partner at your address.


Have the relevant documents to prove that you, your spouse, partner or civil partner are the legal owner and primary driver of your vehicle.

Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial truck insurance is commonly taken-out by businesses that own a number of trucks and need the right cover in place for all of them. If you have more than one truck or lorry, you may consider getting fleet insurance to put all vehicles into one single policy. Fleet insurance may allow you to save a great deal, avoiding the cost of multiple insurance policies.

Recovery Truck Insurance

Recovery truck insurance covers any damages that inflict the recovery truck itself, the vehicles on the truck and any other third parties. Vehicles or other items falling off a recovery truck is a real possibility uncommon, so having the right protection in place is vital.

Skip Lorry Insurance

Skip lorry insurance is designed for lorries which are used to move skips full of dirt, unused materials or rubbish. This level of cover should include third-party insurance, just in case any damage is caused any third parties during the transportation of a skip and its contents.

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