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Insurance for Vans

Whether you drive a van for work or for domestic use, it is important that your van is secured with the best insurance. Many businesses rely on the use of a van day-to-day, so the event of any damage or theft to work or home-related vehicles can have distressing consequences.

Here at Proper Finance, we understand that access to great and reliable vehicular insurance is important to you. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the some of best insurance specialists in the UK so that you can protect your both van on and off the road.

Why Do I Need Van Insurance?

Vans, being typically larger and heavier than most cars, are a little riskier on the road than standard domestic vehicles. As such, it is important that you have specialised van insurance to keep yourself and your vehicle adequately covered.

If you use your van for work and your business relies on you being able to use your van, it is all the more important that you have the right insurance policy on that vehicle. If you use your van to transport important equipment, tools, or materials for work, you may wish to get a fully-comprehensive insurance policy which includes contents cover, so that the value of these items can be repaid to you in any instances of damage or theft. That way, you will be able to buy back the items that are fundamental to keeping your business running.

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How Much Does Van Insurance Cost?

The cost of van insurance will vary depending on the model of your vehicle, the condition it is in, how much mileage it does and how many drivers you wish to be insured on it.

The cost of insurance will also depend on the level of cover you go for. If you wish to get the contents of your van covered too, we will be able to connect you with a fully-comprehensive van insurance policy which is designed to protect any vital tools or items that you transport or store in your van.

What Level of Cover Can I Get?

The following cover is available for vans, whatever the make and model of the vehicle:

Storm or flood damage cover: If the event of a storm or flood damage, your van can be repaired or replaced by your insurer. Depending on your level of cover, your insurance may cover the cost of the contents of your van in such an instance, too.

Public liability cover: This provides compensation to the member of the public if your van accidentally causes damage to either their person or their property. If you get involved in an incident involving a member of the public, provided it was accidental, your public liability cover will pay for the subsequent costs.

Accidental damage cover: If your van is accidentally damaged, either by yourself, someone else or through some other means such as bad weather, it can be repaired or replaced by your insurer.

Theft or vandalism cover: Should your van be stolen or vandalised, your cover will provide replacement or compensation for the damage done.

Family and friend cover: You have the opportunity to add friends and family to your insurance policy so that they can assist in the driving responsibility on trips, on the job, or during general use.

What Is the Criteria for Applying?


Be at least 17 years of age.


Hold a valid EU driving licence.


Be a permanent resident of the UK.

Ownership and registration

Have a vehicle that is owned and registered by you, your spouse, partner or civil partner at your address.


Have the relevant documents to prove that you, your spouse, partner or civil partner are the legal owner and primary driver of your vehicle.

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