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What Is an Air Miles Credit Card?

An air miles credit card allows customers to get air miles points every time they spend on their credit card. Customers can exchange the points for travel rewards on the likes of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic and get access to discounted flights, companion vouchers, and free upgrades. At the very least, it means that you are using any spend on your credit card productively and putting it towards a nice way to save money on travel or treat you and your family.

How Do They Work? 

When you spend money on your air miles credit card, you collect points. The more that you spend, the more points you will collect, and when you have collected enough points, it is possible to redeem these points for rewards.

What Else Can You Use Air Miles Credit Cards For? 

Depending on the provider featured on Proper Finance, it may be possible to exchange points for the following using your air miles credit card:

  • Airport lounge access
  • Flight upgrades
  • Car hire
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport parking
  • Package holidays
  • Holiday tours
  • Hotel transfers

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How to Find the Best Air Miles Credit Card

How much you spend: When choosing the best credit card for air miles, it is important to take into consideration the amount that you will be spending each month on the card. Most credit cards for flying come with introductory bonuses or added points if you can spend a certain amount within the grace period of 30 days or 90 days. So understanding your potential spend will help you make the most of the rewards on offer.

Paying fees: There are also some cards that charge a monthly or annual fee when you open the account – with some offering better rewards if there is an annual fee.

Mastercard of AMEX: Credit cards for air miles are usually available as Mastercard or Amex. You may have a preference with one brand over the other based on where you make your most payments and what is most widely accepted.

How many points you get: Some credit cards give you 1 point for every £1 that you spend, and some cards give you 2 points for every £1 you spend. However, this may require you to pay a monthly or annual fee – so it is important to weigh this up and the potential benefits.

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How can I earn air miles?

Once you have your card, all you need to do is start spending on it. It is ideal to use this type of credit card to make the most of any large purchases that you have such as furniture, petrol, holidays, gifts and more.

How long does it take for air mile points to be added to my account?

Typically, this will take up to 2 days, however, in certain cases it can take up to 35 days, depending on where you have used the credit card.

Does an air miles credit card give you points for multiple airlines?

No, not usually. Most airline credit cards give you air mile points for flights or related services with just one airline.

How much do I need to spend to get a free flight?

This will depend on the airline and card provider. An example from London Heathrow to New York is around 13,000 miles (roughly £13,000 in spend).

Can I get an air miles card with no annual fees?

Yes, some providers provide air miles credit cards without any annual fees at all. However, cards with annual fees may earn you more points overall.

Can I draw money with my air miles credit card?

Yes, you can draw from money from a cashpoint or ATM with an air mile card but this will likely incur charges.

Can I convert points from other reward schemes into air miles?

Yes, with certain providers of air miles credit cards, it is possible to convert these points and use them for other reward schemes such as hotel groups.

Can I use my air miles credit card abroad?

Yes, it is possible and very common to use your credit card overseas.

Are air mile credit cards and frequent flyer credit cards the same?

No, air mile cards give you points for whatever you buy with the credit card, whereas you only obtain points with frequent flyer cards specifically for flights.

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