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What could go wrong?

There are many different parts of a home that need replacing or fixing. Below we have listed the most common problems, what to look out for, and what they could cost to repair or replace.

Roof slates

Over time, roof shingles or slates can come loose or crack due to wind and rain. In extreme cases roof tiles can completely fall off the house. Because of the crucial nature of the roof you will need to prepare or replace these shingles as quick as you can to avoid water getting in to the roof and damaging your home further.


Low – £100 – 125 to replace a few slates on an easy to access roof.
High – £2,000 if you have a 3 or higher story home and a steep roof.

Exterior problems

There are many reasons when you would need to replace, or update your exterior fixtures. For example, water could be leaking between the window and the home causing damp to get in to the structure which could lead to large structural issues down the road. It is better to get on top of these problems now before the escalate.


Low – £5 – Low end water and wind intrusion spots can be fixed with a  tube of caulk.
High – £8,500 – Replacing 10 high-end window units with top of the range vinyl units.

Bad drainage

It is crucial to continually look after your gutters to make sure they don’t get blocked and cause water to overflow. If for some reason the gutter gets blocked and you need to replace it then it could be expensive depending on what needs to be done.


Low – £5 is the cost of buying one metre of vinyl guttering.
High – £600 – £1,500 is the cost of replacing a whole section of guttering for an average home.

As with windows – you need to pay particular attention to the foundation of your home. If water is pooling indent draining away then this could lead to real structural issued down the way. The last thing that you want is water to get in to the foundation because this can mean costly and time consuming work to fix it. You need to pay careful attention to the corners and walls to makes sure that the water isn’t pooling up. This is a sure sign that you need to bring an expert in to give their diagnosis.


Low – £1,200 – basic grading and drainage work.
High –  £10,000 – the more structural and reshaping work (grading) work that takes place, the higher the cost.

Structural issues

Especially in older houses you need to keep an eye out for structural issues. This could be anything from a crack that has appeared in the brick work to windows that don’t seem to be perpendicular anymore. It is important to monitor and watch these cracks to see if the problem is stable, or if it is spreading. One way to do this is to mark where a crack has extended to at a certain time, and then keep an eye on it to make sure that it is not extending any further. If in doubt contact a professional immediately to make sure that damage doesn’t spread beyond a manageable level.


Low – £500 – minor structural issues
High – £50,00 – costs can spiral if it means doing any work to the foundation of a house to make it stable.

Electrical issues

Throughout the lifetime of a home the wiring might have been added or removed many times. Some of this work could be well-done, and some might have been done by amateurs looking to make a quick pound. Either way you might come across problems at some point. Wiring should always be done by a professional who knows what they are doing, this can increase the cost significantly, but because it is such an important part of a house it needs to be looked after.


Low – £500 – for one day’s work.
High – £50 – £100 per outlet x however many outlets you have!

Plumbing problems

Many different things can go wrong with plumbing – sometimes pipes just get old and need to be replaced, and sometimes you need to pupate the heating to bring your home inline with regulations if you are looking to rent or sell. You can also have issues with taps or inefficient heating systems – all things that can reduce the quality of your life and need to be upgraded.


Low – £500 – £650 – A new 200 litre hot water tank.
High –  £5,000 – Plastic piping for a two bedroom home (£7,000 – £8,000 for copper piping)


The boiler could break or you might need to unblock a chimney. Heating issues can directly impact your way of life – especially in the winter, and getting someone out to fix it it is not always the cheapest thing! It is better to take care of it early on though which is why an unsecured loan might come in handy!


Low – £2,500 for standard boiler
High – £6,000 for a high efficiency model

Peeling paint

If you feel like tackling paint in your own home you can watch the below guide.