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The cost of university is ever increasing in the UK, with tuition fees have tripled in recent years, making it an expensive affair to even consider going into further education. With all these costs in mind, keeping up with them can be difficult, with so many things to have to budget for. As a result, you may be looking at getting a loan for tuition in order to help you carry on with your studies. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Proper Finance works with over 100 reputable and safe money lenders, and we can help you to pick the right one.

How do you choose lenders?

We make sure that all our partners in loans connected to our site have been carefully vetted beforehand, to ensure any loans for tuition we provide are in alliance with FCA regulations. This means that we also only pick companies that are FCA authorised and compliant, making sure that any loan you take to help with your education is affordable and is manageable for you when it comes to loan repayments.

How do repayments work?

The repayment plan for loans for tuition will be dependent on the exact financial product that you end up choosing. For example, if you decide that you would prefer to opt for a loan on a short-term basis, perhaps in the form of a payday loan, for example, then it could be a loan with a repayment plan of just one month. However, if you decide to opt for a longer term loan, then this could last for a number of years.

What happens if I’m not accepted for a tuition fees loan?

If you are worried about your application not being successful (perhaps due to a bad credit score, but read further to see how you can still apply and be approved in many cases) then do not fret: you will not have to pay any fees for making an application with us. This also applies if your application is approved with us. If your application is declined, Proper Finance may recommend you similar products that are more likely to accept you. For example in some circumstances, it may be worth adding extra security to your application in order to bolster it. This could be getting a guarantor or adding collateral to improve your chances of getting approved.

Is it possible to apply with bad credit?

You may be concerned that it will not be possible to get accepted for a loan if you have a bad credit score, which if you are young, could be simply because you have not taken out any other form of credit previously. A number of our money lenders still provide loans for those with bad credit, offering particular products catered to you.

Here at Proper Finance, we help to make that decision a bit easier for you, by comparing a host of financial products that are suitable for those struggling with bad credit, including credit cards for bad credit, secured loans or guarantor loans. All of which can help you to pay off your tuition fees.

What are the eligibility criteria?

As with any kind of loan you apply with, Proper Finance has a set of eligibility criteria when it comes to its loans for tuition. The exact criteria of our lenders will depend on the product as well as the provider, but eligibility factors can include any of the following:

  • The person applying must be a UK based resident
  • They will need to be over the age of 18
  • They will require a valid email, phone number and a working debit account
  • They will need to be able to make monthly repayments
  • No history of bankruptcy
  • No history of CCJs or IVAs

What checks are carried out to apply?

When Proper Finance receives an application for a loan for tuition, we carry out checks to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the finance you have applied for. The checks we carry out include a credit check through the form of a soft search. This will not affect your credit score, as it does not leave a hard credit footprint on your file.

We may also carry out affordability checks, in order to verify that the loan you are applying for is financially viable for you to pay back.

Want to apply?

If, after reading our guide you feel comfortable to go ahead and apply with Proper Finance for a tuition loan, then you can click on the apply now button, fill in the application form, and you will receive an instantaneous decision as to whether you can go ahead with the loan process, no need to wait! Filling in the application online takes only a few minutes of your time, but could certainly be worth it!