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When applying for a loan, whether it be a personal loan, secured loan, guarantor loan, bridging loan or a peer-to-peer loan, there is always a deep-rooted fear of your details and money not being secure with a money lender, with the worry that perhaps your details will get passed on without your approval to poor companies, or  your payment details are not protected, meaning that you could be liable to your bank account details being hacked into and stolen. Here at Proper Finance, we completely understand where you are coming from, and our dedicated team does everything it can to ensure that any application made with us, or one of our chosen lenders is carried out in a safe manner. Wondering how we achieve this? In the guide below, we show you how we always provide safe loans.

We have a secure server

We understand just how vital it is that the information that you provide us (for example, when making an application for a loan through our comparison website) is kept safe. One of the ways that Proper Finance makes sure that these details are kept secure is through having the site hosted through a secure server (using https). Wondering how this adds additional security? It does so through encryption, which is applied to your personal details and therefore makes it much harder for any external sources to try and access it.

Making sure that your personal information is safe when you provide it to us is our top priority at Proper Finance.

Furthermore, as we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (as are our lenders that we cooperate with) any information that you give us or them is regulated by the FCA, and there are procedures in place by the watchdog to ensure that this remains the case.

Will my credit score be affected?

We carry out soft searches on your credit file, but this will not threaten your current credit score, as these types of credit checks do not work in the same way as hard credit search footprints. The latter is used by some loan companies to check your eligibility for a particular loan, and a so-called ‘footprint’ is left on your credit report, whether or not your application for credit is successful or not. It means that creditors in the future will be able to see when you applied for a loan, and too many applications made over a short period of time can make it more difficult for you to be approved for further credit if you decide to apply in the future.
Luckily, your credit score remains safe with us, as soft searches disappear from your credit file soon after they are carried out. Proper Finance carries these out with your best interests in mind: we are checking in order to find you the best loan product that we can, taking into consideration your financial circumstances.

Want to apply for a safe loan?

We hope that our guide above has satisfied the questions you would rightly have about whether we provide safe loans. If we have, then Proper Finance looks forward to hearing from you! Making an application with us only takes a matter of minutes. All you need to do, is click apply now in order to then fill out an online application. You will receive a decision from us whether you can go ahead with your application almost immediately!