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Switching Insurance Policies

Are you in the middle of trying to decide as to whether it would be best for you to switch insurance policies? Whether it be for car insurancefleet insurance, home insurance or business insurance, there can be a number of very good reasons as to why you want to reconsider your policy options. Or, perhaps you aren’t sure whether it would be useful to change or not and aren’t sure of the benefits of doing so. In this guide, we explain why switching insurers can be a positive thing, helping you to save money, with Proper Finance being able to help you directly with finding the best deal.

Why Switch Insurance

Maybe you have come to the end of the insurance policy and it is time for renewal. Don’t make the mistake of automatically assuming that you will be getting the best deal with your current insurer. More often than not, this is simply not the case. Make sure that you are not on auto-renewal with your current insurance provider (many feature this process when you sign up, so always check the terms and conditions) and search the market by comparing providers using the expertise of Proper Finance.

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Advantages of Switching Insurance

The exact benefits of switching insurance will be dependent on the kind of insurance it is (for example, the advantages can differ between home and car insurance policies) but generally speaking, you may be able to benefit from the following:

You may well find yourself being able to save a considerable amount of money by changing policies. Depending on the insurer, some are able to save hundreds, if not thousands on their policy, which you are then free to spend on more important things in your life

You may be able to benefit from insurance freebies with a new insurer: as a way of getting you to take their policy, a number of the insurers that Proper Finance works with providing additional services on top of their insurance policy, meaning you can get more out of your policy than usual

You may be able to get better coverage that better suits your individual needs, which our team at Proper Finance would carefully take into consideration when we look at your application

Once your old contract has finished, if you automatically renew you could be but on a higher rate. By switching you could nab yourself a better rate.

Why Switch Insurance Policies With Proper Finance?

FCA authorised

If after comparing insurers you decide to make an application, you can rest assured that your personal information will be safe with us, as we use a secure server meaning your personal details are encrypted and therefore not vulnerable to outside hackers.

Our insurers are FCA compliant too

Of course, whilst it is important that we are compliant with the Financial Conduct Authority’s regulations, it is equally important that the insurers that we are partnered with are too. Making sure that our customers get the best deal and not taken advantage of with unfair or high-interest rates means that we always ensure our partners are FCA authorised. Giving you peace of mind is important to the team at Proper Finance.

Quick and easy

We understand that with so many policies available online, the idea of changing providers can get a little overwhelming. With so many to choose from, how do you pick the right one? Proper Finance has solved that problem, we take into account your individual needs and can help to quickly manage to find you an improved policy deal, by comparing amongst our reputable lenders.


Rather than having to attempt to try and compare a number of lenders one by one, which we know is no easy feat, our comparison site enables you to compare hundreds of lenders all at once. We also breakdown each of its positives and negatives, so you can make an informed decision as to which offer would be the most appropriate for you in your circumstances.

How to Switch Insurance With Proper Finance

If you have used our comparison site and found a deal for home, business or car insurance for example, that you are interested in swapping your current policy, we’d be delighted to help you make that happen. All you need to do to get going with this, is to click apply now on our website. This will take you to an application form in which you can apply with one of our insurers, and this will all take you only a few minutes. If we require any further details from you, then we may give you a quick phone call in order to get them from you, so that we can help get the ball rolling on finding the most appropriate deal for you.

Our Lenders

We work with trusted brokers to give you access to a panel of leading lenders well placed to meet your needs.