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An unsecured loan allows you to borrow between £50 and £25,000 without having to put down any of your valuable assets as collateral. This means that your loan application is assessed on factors such as your credit score and your employment status, rather than on the value of your car or home. So, if you are unable to keep up with your repayments, you do not risk any of your valuables being repossessed by the bank or lender; instead, it may have an impact on your credit rating.

Unsecured loans are available to anyone pending approval; you do not have to be a homeowner in order to receive your loan. Typically used for big purchases such as a home improvement; a new car; a wedding or a holiday, secured loans may also be used as a payday loan to get you through the month. Since lenders do not have to enlist professionals to assess the value of your assets as is the case with secured loans, you can receive your funds as quickly as the day of your application!

As with flexible borrowing, applicants can choose exactly how much they wish to borrow and for how long they wish to repay their loan, be it is over a few weeks, a number of months or even up to 5 years. The cost of a loan will depend on the interest-rates offered by your lender of choice.

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We are a free comparison site to help consumers and householders find the best loans in the UK. We have partnered with some of the leading providers in the country so that people looking for a safe and secure loan can find the best product for them. Rather than going to just one lender and being restricted to their rates and terms, we give our customers choice by working with lots of lenders that have been fully vetted and have a UK credit license and either interim permission or full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Our lenders provide:

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Our easy-to-use calculator enables you to view your expected repayment figure when you enter the amount you wish to borrow. Driven by our passion for fairness and ease when borrowing, we endeavour to make the terms of your loan as transparent as possible – with no surprises.

Click ‘apply’ and you will be taken directly to the application form where you can safely and securely fill in your personal along with the amount you wish to borrow. Our system will rapidly process your application to the lender that is best suited to your requirements. Simple.

The Benefits of Unsecured Loans Include

  • No risk losing your home or car
  • Same day funding (lender-dependent)
  • Low rates for customers with good credit
  • You do not have to be a homeowner
  • Online application
  • No fees for applying

Why Apply For An Unsecured Loan With Proper Finance?

When you apply for an unsecured loan with us online, you are saved the hassle of having to speak to a financial advisor or going to the bank which usually involves standing in a queue or waiting a number days for a response.

The entire application can be handled online, whether its on your desktop, mobile and tablet and all further communication between you and the lender can be completed by phone and email.

We do not charge any upfront fees for making an application on our site.

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