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With a 12 month loan, you can borrow up to £35,000 to be repaid over a 12 month period. There are many different types of finance you can get in a 12 month loan.

Most of the loans offered through Proper Finance are flexible, and applicants can choose both the specified amount and the length of time they would like to have their loan be. It is worth noting that the cost of the loan will depend on the different interest-rates offered by different lenders.

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What Are 12 Month Loans Used For?

As the name suggests, a 12 month loan is a loan with a repayment period spanning 12 months. There are various different uses of a 12 month loan, including the following:

  • Unexpected emergencies (e.g. car break-down)
  • Paying off monthly bills
  • Financing a wedding 
  • Paying for a holiday
  • Making home improvements
  • Purchasing a car 

12 month loans can be flexible in terms of what they’re spent on, and the loan amount; borrowers being able to apply for anything up to £35,000. These types of loans are great for people who want a relatively short repayment period, only having to keep up with monthly repayments for a year.

This is considerably short when compared to other loan products, with some homeowner loans being repaid over the course of 30 years. However, these loans will come with a range of different benefits. It’s important to read up on different loan products to find the finance option that best suits your needs.


What Are the Benefits of 12 Month Loans?

There are many benefits to be had for a 12 month loan. With this type of loan, you have a set end-date, helping you to manage your finances and budget accordingly. In addition to this, the repayment plan is relatively short, meaning that the loan may potentially be less costly than plans scheduled for over a year long.

With a 12 month loan there is also a specific deadline, reducing the chance of these loan repayments being extended, and thereby becoming more costly.

You can apply for a range of different loan types with a 12 month loan repayment plan, including the following:

Lenders for all of these types of loans can be found through the Proper Finance site. We work with some of the UK’s leading lenders, helping to find you finance that’s reputable, safe and secure.


How Do I Apply for 12 Month Loans?

All of our application process is online, simply fill out a few personal details, the amount you are wanting to borrow and the time you would like to hold this loan for (12 months/a year for a 12 month loan specifically) and compare the best loans we suggest based on the details you have provided.

When applying for a 12 month loan through Proper Finance, you’ll have to provide us with a few details, including the following:

  • Your name 
  • Your date of birth
  • Your current address
  • Contact details 
  • How long you’d like the loan period to be (12 months)
  • How much you’d like to apply for

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Why Apply for 12 Month Loans With Proper Finance?

Applying for a 12 month loan with Proper Finance is both quicker and simpler than other methods of applying for a loan. Unlike going to your local bank or having to take the time to speak to a financial advisor, with Proper Finance you can simply fill in an application and search for the best lenders all online.

We work with some of the largest lenders throughout the UK, meaning that all loans suggested by the Proper Finance site are some of the safest, most secured means of borrowing available.  All of our providers are FCA authorised (or have interim permission), and have a valid credit license required to operate as a lender in the UK.

No upfront fees are applied when making an application with us online. Our comparison site is free to use, and is there to help customers find the loan that best suits their needs and financial situation.


What Is the Criteria for Applying?

The criteria for a 12 month loan will depend entirely on the loan type. For example, with personal loans of 12 months you will typically have to have a certain credit score or above to be deemed credit-worthy enough with our providers.

Eligibility criteria that will typically apply to any loan includes the following:

  • You must be a UK resident
  • You must have a working debit account 
  • You must have a working email address and phone number
  • You must be over the age of 18

Additional criteria may apply, and could vary from lender to lender. It’s important to read up on the different types of loans available, as this will give you a better idea of the right loan for you.


When Will I Receive Funds?

After applying online through Proper Finance, you will receive an instant decision either accepting or declining your loan application. If your application is accepted, you could receive funds within the same day, and even sometimes within the hour of applying.

Our application is quick and simple to complete, and can take less than 5 minutes to both fill out and receive an instant decision on screen.

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