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By applying for a 3 month loan with Proper Finance, you could borrow from £50 to £25,000 to help finance numerous different aspect of your life.

Proper Finance offers comparisons on personal loans to be repaid over the course of three months. You can find the best 3 month loans for you by filling in our online application.

Most loans compared through Proper Finance are flexible, including the 3 month personal loans offered by our lenders. Applicants can choose the amount they would like to borrow and the length of time they would like for their repayment plan – with a 3 month loan, as is fairly self-explanatory, borrowers will have to repay the loan over a period of 3 months.

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How Do 3 Month Loans Work?

A 3 month loan works by lending you money that must be repaid in a scheduled, pre-planned 3 month period. You can compare personal loans of 3 months or more with Proper Finance.

With this type of loan, borrowers will have to show to the lender they are trustworthy to lend to, this can include having a good credit score, a good history with borrowing in the past, or being a homeowner. There are various different ways you can show your creditworthiness for a 3 month loan.

3 month loaning periods can be great for those who want quick access to finance, without a long repayment period. When deciding that a 3 month loan is right for you, simply fill in our online application form and we’ll compare the best products to suit your needs.


What Are 3 Month Loans Used For?

3 month loans can be used for a variety of different things, including home improvements, a wedding, or even a new car. These types of loans can also be used to pay for any unexpected emergencies like the boiler breaking down or taking the car to the garage.

Some borrowers use 3 month loans to keep up with monthly household bills that are needed before payday. This particular use of these loans is otherwise known as a “payday loan”.

Whilst strict on the loaning period, 3 month loans can be flexible in terms of borrowing amounts, and what the loan can be spent on.


3 Month Loans vs 12 Month Loans

Although both 3 month loans and 12 month loans are generally personal loans, the main differences between these two types of popular personal loans are of course the term of these loans as well as what they are typically used for. Additionally, a 3 month loan, being for a shorter time period than a longer loan type, will tend to be for a smaller amount of money. For many borrowers, being able to pay back their loan in a more manageable way and over a shorter time frame is a very appealing offering.

12 month loans however, allow borrowers, who may be borrowing more money as well as those who simply wish to spread out their repayments over a much longer time frame to manage their repayments and finances over a year, rather than a quarter. Unlike 3 month loans however, 12 month loans are commonly used for investments like home improvements and sometimes even business investments or stimuli.


What Is the Eligibility Criteria for 3 Month Loans?

The eligibility criteria for a 3 month loan may vary between lenders. However, as a lot of 3 month loans are personal loans, lenders may need to see credit-worthy qualities in the applicant before approving the loan. Some of the main requirements lenders may need of borrowers include:

  • Being over the age of 18
  • Having a good credit history 
  • Having an income over £15,000 per annum

With 3 month loans, borrowers will have to generally prove that they are capable of making the repayments for the loan. They can therefore be slightly stricter in this sense compared to other types of loans such as homeowner loans or guarantor loans.


What Are the Benefits of 3 Month Loans?

There are many different benefits for taking out a 3 month loan through Proper Finance. Below are some of the main benefits of taking out this length of loan:

  • It is over a short period of time – you will not be in debt for too long, however you can also reap all the benefits from taking out a loan in the first place.
  • There is a set end-date for the loan – you can better plan and budget your finances to ensure monthly repayments are made.
  • The application is entirely online – you reduce the amount of time and effort that it would take to speak to a financial advisor or visit your local bank.
  • There are no upfront fees for the application process – Proper Finance provides a free comparison site platform.


How to Apply for 3 Month Loans With Proper Finance

You can apply for a 3 month loan through Proper Finance’s online application form. Simply fill this in and receive an instant decision on your application. Once accepted, you could receive funds in as little as an hour after your application has been approved.

The application process is quick and simple to go through, and only takes around 5 minutes to complete. You will have to fill in a few personal details in order for Proper Finance to find the best loans for you. When filling in our online application, you will have to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your current address
  • Contact details
  • The amount you wish to apply for
  • How long you would like the loan period (3 months)

We value your privacy, and all of your details are handled with the utmost of respect and security. You can read our privacy policy by visiting this page.


When Will I Receive Funds?

The time in which you will receive your funds will vary, depending upon the unique factors of your application. For some, funds can be received within the house of completing the online application, whilst for others it could be later on that day, and could even take 48 hours.


Why Apply for 3 Month Loans With Proper Finance?

There are many benefits of applying for a 3 month loan with Proper Finance. Our comparison site is free to use and there are no upfront fees for filling in our online application. We want our customers to find the best loans for them as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Proper Finance works with some of the UK’s leading loan providers, meaning that those looking for loans through our comparison site will only be suggested some of the safest and best means of this type of borrowing available.

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