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There are various different 6 month loans you can apply for. Proper Finance work with lenders to provide personal loans and secured loans with a 6 month repayment plan. The lenders we work with provide flexible loans, with borrowers able to borrow anything from £50 to £25,000, and control the length of time they would like to repay the loan. Many borrowers choose a 6 month loan repayment plan, as this comes with many benefits (explored later in this page).

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How Do 6 Month Loans Work?

As its name suggests, a 6 month loan is a type of loan with a 6 month repayment plan. Proper Finance work with lenders who offer personal loans with flexible borrowing amounts and repayment periods. Through our comparison site, we can help applicants to find 6 month loans to finance a range of different things.

Personal loans are used to fund various different circumstances, whether its to pay for unexpected emergencies, to keep on top of monthly bills before payday, or to finance a wedding. These types of loans are also typically used to finance home improvements, assist with car purchases, or pay for a holiday.


What Are the Benefits of 6 Month Loans?

There are numerous different benefits that can come with a 6 month loan. By the very nature of the loan, borrowers are only tied to a relatively short repayment period, meaning they won’t have monthly repayments hanging over their heads for too long.

The 6 month loans offered by our panel of lenders can also be used to finance a range of different situations, giving borrowers flexibility not only in the amount they can apply for, but what the funds will be spent on.

Our online application comes with no upfront fees, is quick and simple to complete, and gives applicants an instant decision. Due to the nature of our lenders’ 6 month loans, funds can also be available the same day of applying.

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What Is the Criteria for 6 Month Loans?

As most of the loans available through our site in a 6 month repayment plan are personal or secured loans, you will most likely have to meet certain criteria to ensure your application is successful. As with most loans, you will have to show that you are financially responsible enough to borrow.

Some of the criteria borrowers commonly have to meet include:

  • Having a good credit score 
  • Being in stable employment
  • Having a stable, regular income  
  • Be over the age of 18
  • May require collateral or security (car, bike, van, property)

It is important to know that the criteria for eligibility of a 6 month loan will be entirely dependent upon the provider and the actual loan they are providing to the borrower. However, most people will find that the above factors come as standard with an 6 month loan. Also, just because you may have been refused credit previously or you may have had money troubles in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t apply for a 6 month loan with us.

What Are 6 Month Loans Used For?

Although there is no specific use for 6 month loans, there are various purposes for which they are typically used by borrowers in the UK. Many find that the course of the loan and the amount of time available to repay these loans makes them that extra bit more favourable than their shorter equivalents. Also, compared to longer loans of a similar nature such as 9 month or 12 month loans, a 6 month loan for many is a comfortable, manageable and efficient amount of time in which to utilise and repay their loan. Typical uses of 6 month loans include:

  • Home improvements
  • Financing weddings
  • Helping to finance education
  • Paying off consolidated debts

Why Apply for 6 Month Loans With Proper Finance?

There are numerous benefits to be had from applying for a 6 month loan with Proper Finance, some of the main ones being as follows:

  • The loan application is all online – making the process of applying for a loan quicker and simpler than other standard means of borrowing requests.
  • Our comparison site is free to use – meaning you can find the best loan for your current financial situation in the most cost-effective way.
  • Better money management – a 6 month loan can help you to better manage your finances and ensure you keep up to date with monthly repayments. It does this by giving the borrower a set end-date and further a set repayment plan to follow.
  • Less costly – taking out a 6 month loan may end up being less costly than longer repayment plans, helping you to save on the overall cost of the borrowing.
  • FCA authorised – Proper Finance only work with FCA authorised lenders, meaning that any loan you find through us is from a trustworthy and legal provider.
  • Your privacy is important to us – when filling personal details into our site you can be sure that these will be handled with great care and security.

There are a multitude of reasons why you should apply for a 6 month loan through Proper Finance. It is always important to go through a comparison site when looking to borrow. Going through a comparison site can help you to find the best deal possible to fit your current borrowing needs and financial situation.


How Do I Apply for a 6 Month Loan?

Its quick and simple to apply for a loan with Proper Finance. Our application process is all online and only takes 5 minutes to complete. Once you have filled in all of your details, you will be provided with an instant decision on your application. Funds can be put in your account in under an hour from finishing the application process.

You can apply for a personal loan of 6 months via Proper Finance’s online process, simply fill in the amount you wish to borrow and adjust the length of time you would like the loan for to 6 months. To apply for a 6 month loan through us, please click on the button below.

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